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Welcome to IMPACT - Industry 4.0 Learning Management System. The most innovative way to manage Information and Generate Reports to analyse and shape career planning.

Simplified for Malaysian Education System and in parity with International standards.

It provides live reports for better and faster analysis.

It works efficiently with Android based Applictions as per industry's standards.

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Exams & Assignments Online

Lecturers can create exams of multiple choice and descriptive type by just few clicks mapped to learning outcomes and level of difficulty. All the exams get saved in repository for future use.

Results Online (emails, sms)

Results get published spontaneously and dynamically and also on the spot emails are sent to lecturer and students/ parents for self awareness and further improvements.

Exam Knowledge-base Repository

All the exams generated automatically get saved and turns lecture's effort into Knowledgebase repository. These exams can be viewed, edited and downloaded into various formats

Professional Certification Exams

IMPACT comes with professional certification sample exams repositories to prepare for exams such as Microsoft, Cisco, Comptia, Java, Oracle etc.

Performance Analysis

IMPACT generate performance reports for Individuals and by batches for better analysis.

Customised Analytical Reports on Fingertips

Reports can be customised as per the the requirements of user for deeper analysis.

Learner Benefits

International Internship Award

Top scorer in IMPACT exams shall be awarded with fully sponsored Internship in Malaysia. ( All expenses for flight stay and travelling in Malaysia shall be fully borne by IMPACT.

Professional Certification Fee

IMPACT shall pay the fee for professional exam for Microsoft, Cisco, Java, Oracle, etc for the second and third top scorer in IMPACT exams. Exam fee shall be fully sponsored City Labs Malaysia.

24/7 support

Students would be able to prepare for exams or do assignments online with full support provided round the clock.

Question Banks

Students would be able get latest notes and question banks mapped to professional certifications to prepare for Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle, Android exams

Happy Clients



MIPMM has acquired our service to get their members to be certified online for Govt Procurement Programme in 50 countries.



MUST University is one of our pioneer user in getting their graduates certified in .Net and Windows Server Administration Certifications.



UNISEL University is the University where we started first generation of IMPACT software. First batch of 22 students was tested as a trial run and out which 21 got certified in .Net and SQL Certifications.

Official Launch of Government Procurement Certification by MIPMM


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